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SimulScope® Bedside Auscultation System


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The SimulScope® Bedside Auscultation System allows physicians and students the ability to hear and share live physiological sounds with up to 20 people at the same time. This provides less intrusion to the patient, as only one stethoscope is needed to actively auscultate. The SimulScope® is also an effective teaching tool in the simulation lab or classroom, as it can be used with other simulators and training manikins, such as the SAM II® and SAM 3G® Student Auscultation Manikins or PAT® the Pediatric Auscultation Trainer by Cardionics. Additionally, it can be used for sending and receiving auscultation sounds over various Telemedicine systems.


The SimulScope® is a small, portable, battery-operated wireless transmitter which uses a transducer stethoscope to pick up heart, lung and bowel sounds, and then transmit them via infrared technology to the wireless Heartman® Infrared Headphones, worn by each listener. Six Heartman® headphones are included with each SimulScope®, and additional units may be purchased. These headphones detect the infrared signal and convert it to an audible sound, making it possible for a large group of listeners to participate in a live auscultation.

An instructor can fine tune the sounds heard using the adjustable filters built into the SimulScope®. In doing so, listeners can hear very narrow frequency ranges of emphasis, improving their learning experience.

SimulScope® is most recommended for: 

Bedside Education 
Hands-on learning in the moment is one of the best educational tools a student can obtain. Understanding that patients are unique and each individual may need a different treatment, combined with physically seeing how proper auscultation is performed, is a clinical pearl. Additionally, students are exposed to various external sounds and sights, which enforce accuracy in the art of auscultation.

The SimulScope® will also transmit through glass or plastic partitions, allowing for students to hear more critical sounds such as from an ICU/CCU or nursery. Educators can safely auscultate their patients and provide feedback without the risk of crowding or cross-contamination.

Teaching heart, lung and bowel auscultation using simulation manikins
The SimulScope® can be used in the classroom setting with SAM II®, SAM 3G® or PAT® auscultation manikin by Cardionics. Follow the instructions of your auscultation manikin for appropriate setup, and use the Stethoscope provided with the SimulScope® as you normally would. Each listener wearing the HeartMan® Infrared Headphone will hear the pre-selected auscultation sounds.

If using one of the above mentioned Cardionics manikins, the following areas can be auscultated:

  • Heart sounds at the pulmonic, aortic, tricuspid and mitral areas
  • Breath sounds anteriorly and posteriorly on upper and lower portions of the thorax
  • Bowel sounds on the anterior abdomen
  • Carotid pulse bruits on the right side of SAM’s neck

Telemedicine allows sound and data to be transmitted and received over the phone or web for remote diagnosis. As more providers are moving to this virtual platform, having the ability to interact with patients in this way opens more opportunities for care. SimulScope® can be used for sending auscultation sounds over phone or web, or using various recognized telemedicine platforms such as PolyCom or Tandberg.

Recording and Playback
The SimulScope® allows healthcare professionals the ability of recording and playing back auscultation sounds. This allows for several functions: storage of patient’s healthcare data and recall for student education. As patient files are becoming virtual, keeping up-to-date sounds can help track patient prognosis.

In order to enable the recording function, the SimulScope® must be connected to a computer via a PC Wireless Receiver (718-7041, optional purchase). Additionally, Windows Sound Recorder (or another recording software) must be installed. Taking these steps will allow the user to save and send the auscultation sounds recorded from the patient or simulation manikin.

The SimulScope® is a multifunctional educational and clinical tool that improves outcomes in patient care. Whether it be in a classroom, hospital, or virtually, the SimulScope® allows for educators and physicians to relay what they hear to students in a group setting. Educators may adapt the system to listen to specific sounds, providing a greater range of nuance for tones. The SimulScope® is a perfect addition to any simulation center, auscultation classroom, or medical training facility.

Delivery Content:

  • SimulScope® infrared transmitter
  • Six Heartman® Infrared Headphones
  • Stethoscope assembly
  • A power supply
  • Carrying case

The SimulScope® is available in two versions, with (718-7006) and without (718-7003) an ECG. SimulScope® with ECG allows to record and playback the ECG alongside auscultating heart, lung and bowel sounds. The ECG unit flashes a green light that corresponds with the “R-Wave”, allowing for real time feedback to students.

Consider the Ausculette® (718-0100) as an alternative to the SimulScope® if looking for another telehealth solution.

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