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In January 2020, 3B Scientific, the world’s leading manufacturer and marketer of anatomical models and medical simulation products for healthcare and patient education, announced that it has entered into an agreement to acquire iSimulate Pty. Ltd. (“iSimulate”), a leader in clinical education technology offering smart and cost effective medical simulation solutions.

“iSimulate has revolutionized simulation training in healthcare through its creative simulation solutions including ALSi, REALITi, CTGi and AURiS,” said Todd Murray, CEO of 3B Scientific. “We are extremely excited to further develop the 3B Scientific platform and add the great products and people of iSimulate to our company. Our 3B Scientific global distribution footprint including fourteen commercial locations is uniquely positioned to further support and accelerate the growth of iSimulate products worldwide.”

iSimulate CEO Peter McKie added, “We are proud of the progress we have made with our company and Anthony, Bobby and I decided that the 3B Scientific team would be the best partner for us to expand and grow the business in the years to come. We are excited for the next step in our journey and appreciate the support from our customers worldwide. We look forward to working closely with Todd and his team.”

Read the full acquisition press release here.

About iSimulate
iSimulate was founded in 2011 by Peter Mckie and Anthony Lewis. Anthony was working on a solution for taking simulation training outside a simulation center and increasing the fidelity of simple manikins. Peter was working on a solution for reducing the expensive equipment cost of Advanced Life Support training courses.

Anthony and Peter were independently working on their own project to improve medical simulation and realized they had come to the same solution when the taught together in an Advanced Life Support Training in Canberra.

Only 6 months later, iSimulate was ready to launch the first version of the ALSi Patient Monitor and Defibrillator at the International Meeting of Simulation in Healthcare in San Diego. “We were overwhelmed with interest” says Peter, “for 3 days we did not stop demonstrating the concept we had come up with.” On return to Australia, Anthony and Peter realized the concept they had come up with could not only solve their initial training problems, but revolutionize the world of healthcare simulation.

The success story of iSimulate continues
With the mission to provide cost effective, reliable and realistic simulation tools, iSimulate speaks to the heart of the simulation community. It was not long after the launch of ALSi and they were ready to launch REALITi, an innovative concept of a complete simulation ecosystem for highly advanced patient monitoring and team training. While the iSimulate team grew, they were also establishing great relationships with the manufacturers of real patient monitors. Today, iSimulate offers an impressive library of all of these proprietary monitors simulated in every detail. Customers can simply select the patient monitors and defibrillators they work with every day and need to train on.