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Ausculette® is a telehealth auscultation device that is engineered specifically for remote diagnosis in telemedicine. This small battery or line-operated system works with various recognized telemedicine platforms, such as PolyCom or Tandberg. As more providers are transitioning into this realm of medicine, appropriate diagnosis presented through clinical findings is a critical step to improving patient’s prognosis. Additionally, Ausculette® may be used in a classroom or medical training facility to broadcast real-time sounds to listeners.


The telehealth auscultation system Ausculette® works by relaying sounds from the patient through the stethoscope, which transfers the sounds into the stethophones worn by up to 5 listeners. The stethoscope is manufactured with a built-in low-frequency transducer, which allows the system to pick up even the most subtle of sounds. Listeners can use the built-in Hi-Pass filter which allows attenuation of sounds from 20Hz to 500Hz. This allows them to hear difficult to diagnose sounds such as grade 1 murmurs or faint fine crackles. The range of volume for Ausculette® is sufficient so that even those hearing impaired will not need additional instruments to hear auscultation sounds.

The telehealth auscultation system Ausculette® is recommended for: 

Teaching bedside auscultation
Hands-on learning in the moment is one of the best educational tools a student can obtain. Understanding that patients are unique and each individual may need a different treatment, combined with physically seeing how proper auscultation is performed, is a clinical pearl. Additionally, students are exposed to various external sounds and sights, which enforce accuracy in the art of auscultation.

Telemedicine Teleconferencing Systems
Telemedicine allows sound and data to be transmitted and received over the phone or web for remote diagnosis. As more providers are moving to this virtual platform, having the ability to interact with patients in this way opens more opportunities for care. Ausculette® can be used for sending auscultation sounds over phone or web, or using various recognized telemedicine platforms such as PolyCom or Tandberg.

Ausculette® features and benefits:

  • Premium sound quality
  • Connection to multiple Telemedicine systems
  • Outputs for up to 5 listeners
  • Extensive range of sounds and volume
  • Hi-Pass filter for baseline noise-reduction
  • Battery and line-operated

Delivery Content: 

  • Ausculette® telemedicine auscultation system
  • 2 stethophones (additional stethophones available 718-0400)
  • Stethoscope assembly
  • Power Supply

Consider the Simulscope® Bedside Auscultation System with ECG (718-7006) or without ECG (718-7003) as an alternative to the Ausculette® if looking for another telehealth solution.

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