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E-Scope® Hearing Impaired Electronic Stethoscope


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The Hearing Impaired version of the E-Scope® Stethoscope is a patented, electronic stethoscope which allows the users to amplify and record heart and lung sounds while leaving their hearing aid in place when listening. The headphones are placed over the top of the ear canals or ear molds and are thus not interfering with the hearing device. Today, amplified stethoscopes play an important role in assisting healthcare workers who have hearing loss and are critical to delivering health care services to their communities.


E-Scope® features a slick-design, which allows it to be draped comfortably around the neck. With volume controls located on the stethoscope’s head, the user will find the E-Scope® easy and convenient to use.


E-Scope® for hearing impaired can be successfully used for the following auscultation settings:

For teaching purposes, it is possible to have a second person listen to a patient simultaneously: the E-Scope® has an auxiliary output for connecting to a second listener or recording device. In order for a student to hear what the instructor hears, connect the stethophone (optional purchase 718-0500) to the sounds output located on the body of the E-Scope®.

For recording sounds heard through the E-Scope®, the side output jack can be connected to recording devices. We recommend ordering the PC Interface Cable for full compatibility. It connects the E-Scope® to a PC or recording device via a 1/8th inch stereo phone plug (optional purchase).

The E-Scope® may be used for sending heart and lung sounds over telephone lines or the Internet using a recognized telemedicine system such as PolyCom or Tandberg. The E-Scope® has been extensively tested using Cisco Teleconferencing Systems.


Technical properties:

  • There are 32 steps between the highest and lowest volume positions on the E-Scope®
  • Heart Sounds have a frequency range of 20-650Hz while breath sound range from 70 to 2000Hz
  • The E-Scope® is equipped with a timer that will turn the instrument off after approximately 1.5 minutes to conserve battery life


Delivery content:

  1. One E-Scope® Hearing Impaired Electronic Stethoscope
  2. Accessory pack: a pediatric diaphragm, plastic adult bell, plastic pediatric bell and plastic infant bell
  3. Product Manual


E-Scope® has to be used with a pair of Headphones. Alternatively, it can be utilized with a DAI cable – then there is no need for using Headphones.

Headphones can be ordered from Cardionics – please contact us before placing your order to make sure a compatible pair of Headphones is included. If you would like to use your private headphones, please make sure to use an adapter for stereo to mono.

Cardionics offers the following choice of Headphones (optional purchase):

  1. Large Over-Ear Headphone 718-0408
  2. Traditional-Style Headphones with 3.5mm Plug 718-0405
  3. Headphones with Micro USB for Second Listener 718-0420
  4. Convertible-Style Headphones with 3.5mm Plug 718-0415
  5. Convertible-Style Headphones with Micro USB for Second Listener 718-0420


Please be aware that using the E-Scope® with your hearing aid for auscultation of the heart or lungs sounds may be limited by the capability of your hearing aid or the interface between your hearing aid and the E-Scope® Electronic Stethoscope. Also, some individuals may have hearing loss in the range for heart and lung sounds that is not compensated by their hearing aid. For these reasons, Cardionics recommends that you consult with your audiologist for advice covering your hearing loss and the response of your hearing aid.

We will be pleased to assist you or your audiologist.

Additional information

Weight 3 lbs
Dimensions 18 × 9 × 5 in

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