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Cardionics, a 3B Scientific company, was founded in 1969 with the purpose to improve medical education in auscultation and the advancement of cardiac and pulmonary education. Since its founding, Cardionics has been an innovator in auscultation simulators and was the first to develop a heart sound simulator to assist students in learning to identify and differentiate normal and abnormal cardiac and pulmonary sounds. For the first time, it was possible to identify normal heart and lung sounds without seeing a patient.

Cardionic’s mission is to make the world a better place through life-saving medical education innovations in combination with the vision to provide the medical industry with reliable, high-quality products, which provide value to customers and partners worldwide.

In 2019, Cardionics joined the 3B Scientific company and is now part of a global group supporting healthcare education worldwide. Founded in 1948, 3B Scientific’s mission is to “Advance Medical and Healthcare delivery through the quality, breadth and global reach of relevant educational and simulation products”. As part of the 3B Scientific group of companies, Cardionics sets the pace for auscultation products and services through the development of unique, interactive, and experiential systems that integrate seamlessly into classroom, clinical, and telehealth applications.

our mission

It is our mission is to make the world a better place through life-saving medical education innovations. Having joined the 3B Group of Companies in 2019, we also aligned with the group’s mission to advance medical and healthcare education globally. Together with 3B Scientific and iSimulate, Cardionics continues to set the pace for product developments and innovations that shape how healthcare educators are able to train their students.

With 16 locations worldwide and an extensive network of certified resellers, Cardionics provides global access for the medical industry to reliable, high-quality auscultation products.


Clinical Ausculation Systems

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Auscultation Simulation

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Telehealth Systems

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