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Self-Teaching System (STS) for Cardiac Auscultation


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The Self-Teaching System (STS) is a guided program that introduces students to cardiac auscultation.


The four-course system includes the STS software, pulse palpator, sounds reproducer and 50-page illustrated workbook.
This system was developed at the University of Texas Medical Branch (UTMB) in Galveston, Texas.


Product features:

  • Introduction to cardiac auscultation
  • Normal variant heart sounds
  • Abnormal heart sounds and murmurs


The lessons include:

  • Introduction to Cardiac Auscultation and Normal Heart Sounds
  • The Normal Variant Heart Sounds
  • Abnormal Heart Sounds
  • Murmurs


Delivery content:

  • Software
  • Individual text workbooks
  • Sounds reproducer
  • Pulse reproducer

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